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Resurfacing asphalt is a big job, and many asphalt milling and resurfacing service providers offer this service. So if you’re looking for asphalt milling and asphalt resurfacing services in Germantown, MD, how do you know which asphalt company to choose?

Choosing the right asphalt paving contractor is important because the asphalt on your driveway or parking lot is not only a reflection of your business’ image, it’s also a part of your home’s curb appeal. In addition, roadways with asphalt need to be resurfaced every five years or so to ensure safe driving conditions.

These asphalt professionals have the tools, equipment, knowledge, and expertise to mill out existing asphalt surfaces potholed or riddled with cracks. The process involves removing the top layer of asphalt down to virgin material using specialized asphalt milling machines, followed by installing hot oil base asphalt concrete mix for better quality bonding properties between old and new material. This provides a fresh road surface that is low maintenance while adding value to homes and businesses.

If you want an commercial asphalt paving contractor, who can deliver results quickly, you’ll need a few tips about what they offer and their approach to getting the job done. After all, whether you have asphalt at home or on your business property, it needs to be maintained for safety reasons and long-term cost-saving benefits, too.  

  • They provide safe operation of asphalt milling equipment which is environmentally friendly, compliant with all environmental regulations and emission control standards.
  • They know how asphalt loads are distributed ensuring appropriate weight distribution for optimal performance.
  • They remove asphalt within the perimeters of the project to protect landscaping or other non-asphalt surfaces from damage during construction processes and make sure that their asphalt saws are properly calibrated to give a precise cut on asphalt surfaces.

Trend in Germantown, MD

The number of asphalt milling contractors in Germantown, MD, is growing because asphalt milling and asphalt resurfacing is essential for keeping pavement structures strong for years to come. Asphalt milling companies who do this type of work understand how hot oil base asphalt concrete mix provides a lasting solution for getting rid of potholes and cracks that develop over time. And asphalt milling companies have the asphalt paving know-how needed to cut out asphalt to avoid excess asphalt waste and cost overruns for asphalt resurfacing projects.

Asphalt pavement contractors throughout Germantown, MD, are becoming more open-minded about developing new relationships because they understand how great customers come back for asphalt maintenance or asphalt paving projects.

They know that asphalt resurfacing provides a lifetime asphalt service warranty for properly prepared roadways, asphalt patching material applications are made properly to ensure long-lasting asphalt repairs, asphalt milling services are executed carefully using specialized asphalt milling equipment without causing damage to the surrounding area.

Asphalt contractors typically do asphalt paving work on roads, driveways, commercial parking lots, and other asphalt roadways that need repair. Asphalt binder is a sticky oil that holds together asphalt aggregates within the material mixture used to build asphalt pavement. An asphalt paver spreads aggregate over a compacted dirt base then workers smooth out the top layer before it’s rolled with heavy steel rollers. The repeated rolling motion works the asphalt binder into tiny pores in between aggregates on the surface of an asphalt roadway to cure properly.

When large asphalt sections are worn out due to exposure heat from sunlight or rainwater, asphalt milling is the best asphalt repair asphalt paving asphalt resurfacing solution. Asphalt residuals are first removed to make asphalt milling more effective on deteriorated asphalt surfaces. An asphalt paver uses an asphalt blade to shave off the top surface of the asphalt roadway, which gets rid of all wear and tear on old asphalt surfaces.

Germantown Paving Experts

People looking for asphalt services will also want a company that can provide asphalt paving equipment rentals, competitively priced asphalt placement costs, quick turnaround times on asphalt repairs to minimize road closures or detours, access to experienced construction support staff who are properly trained in managing traffic flow around active worksites with proper signage coordination, mobilization of all necessary temporary facilities such as toilets, safety zone fencing and storage areas at no extra charge. That’s what we provide.

Are you looking for a company that provides asphalt milling and resurfacing services? Contact the Germantown Paving Experts! We are a full-service paving company that can handle all your asphalt needs. We also offer Asphalt Repair & Sealcoating, asphalt milling, patching, and resurfacing services to residential and commercial customers in the Germantown area.

Our experienced professionals will work with you to determine the best course of action for your project, and we will get the job done right – on time and within budget. Our asphalt milling and resurfacing services include asphalt patching, asphalt grinding, asphalt overlay, asphalt repairs, sealcoating.


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